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Image Titlesort descending Duration (hours) Description
Structural Search Operations (NYS12) 1.00 This lesson familiarizes the firefighter with structure fire search and rescue operations. The lesson reviews primary search methods including Orientated, TIC Led and Vent Enter Search. Methods for conducting structural search as well as managing occupants and victims are introduced. These methods are based on operational risk assessment with firefighter safety as the prime focus. The lesson is evaluated with in-lesson activities and a final multiple choice quiz.
Tactical Ventilation 1.00 This course discusses tactical ventilation on the fire-ground. The course discusses ventilation as the introduction of fresh air into the building and identifies the affects of ventilation on modern fire behavior. Ventilation tactics and tasks are reviewed and safety considerations for this operation are identified. The lesson is evaluated with a 15-question multiple-choice quiz. A grade of 80% is required to pass this course.
Understanding Overhaul Operations 0.50 This introductory level course introduces the concept of overhaul operations. The course will describe techniques used to identify, locate, expose, and extinguish hidden areas of fire while maintaining loss control and preserving evidence of fire origin. This course is evaluated with a final quiz. The clock time for this course is approximately one-half clock hours.
Utility Pole Incidents (NYS05) 1.00 This is a basic lesson for the introduction or review of the utility pole for the firefighter. The lesson defines types of utility poles and identifies the risks and hazards associated with operating at incidents that involve them. The lesson is evaluated with a final multiple-choice quiz. A grade of 80% or better is required to pass this course.
Vehicle Fire Operations (NYS05) 1.00 This course is a general overview of safe firefighting operations at vehicle fires. The lesson discusses proper risk management of a vehicle fire through the identification of hazards and application of safe, effective, and efficient operations. Several types of vehicle fires are described and hazards associated with each are identified. The tactical needs and priorities of vehicle fire operation are reviewed. Finally, a safe procedure for performing suppression tasks at a vehicle fire is introduced. The course is evaluated with a multiple-choice quiz. The firefighter must achieve a score of 80% or better to pass the course.