Reduce the Spread of Germs in Child Care Programs (CDA 1) (YDU)

Certificate Course
CEUs: 0.2
Clock Hours: 2Hr
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Colds, stomach viruses, and ear infections top the list of common illnesses for young children. Young children in child care centers and homes tend to get these common illnesses more frequently than young children who are not in group care. In many child care settings, illness moves quickly from one child to another. This course examines how to reduce the spread of germs in child care programs and establish ways to keep young children and the adults who care for them healthy. This course is designed to be part of a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™ curriculum. It covers CDA Subject Area 1: Planning a Safe, Healthy Environment to Invite Learning. This course can also be taken as a stand-alone learning event, or as part of a broader early childhood education curriculum.

Courses contained in this training

Reduce the Spread of Germs in Child Care Programs (CDA 1)

Duration: 2Hr

CEUs: 0.2