Introducing Animals: Monotremes

Certificate Course
CEUs: 0.3
Clock Hours: 3Hr
1136 learners enrolled

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Are monotremes a bit of mystery to you?

Get to know the echidnas and the platypus, as Monotremes 1 explores the physical characteristics, distribution, and habitats of echidnas and platypuses.

In Monotremes 2, learners investigate what—and how—monotremes eat, as well as which animals prey on them, and how they avoid being eaten. This module also covers thermoregulation, locomotion, behavior, and social structure.

The third and final course in the series, Monotremes 3, explores the fascinating world of monotreme reproduction and investigates the conservation status of monotremes, threats to platypus and echidna species, and how conservationists are helping. The module concludes with a look at some examples of how we can all participate in conservation.

Remarkable images show platypuses and echidnas in ways you’ve never seen before, and video provides insights into their behavior. Interactivity sprinkled throughout the modules engages participants in the learning process, and questions at the end of each section ensure that they have mastered fundamental concepts before they move on.