STEM and Learning Standards (CDA 2 and 8)

Certificate Course
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STEM is an intentional, integrative approach to teaching and learning that can occur across all knowledge areas; it is not a specific curriculum. The STEM approach focuses on providing opportunities for students to explore and develop a comprehensive set of concepts, competencies, and thinking skills.
STEM competencies include a vocabulary rich in the language of science, technology, engineering and math—words like hypothesis, gravity, buoyant, balance, temperature, and battery. STEM competencies also include basic principles of engineering, like problem-solving and planning; of science, like experimentation and observation; of technology, like using tools to complete both a task and solve real world problems; and of math by recognizing that basic principles of math are part of everyday activities, like comparing and contrasting, counting, and dividing a whole to create equal parts.
This course is also designed to be part of a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™ curriculum. It covers Subject Area 2: Advancing Children’s Physical and Intellectual Development and Subject Area 8: Understanding Principles of Child Development and Learning.