Special Events & Nighttime Promotions

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In support of San Diego Zoo Global's mission and vision, the Special Event and Nighttime Operations Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality guest enhancements, entertainment, personal service and professional programs to our external and internal customers. These products are intended to increase attendance, support our membership program and promote repeat visits. The department consistently operates a number of revenue-generating programs, which enhance the guest experience at the world-famous San Diego Zoo. The department is comprised of a special events manager, entertainment program supervisor and production aide who report to the director of operations. The department has the operational logistical responsibility of two large annual promotional activities (Nighttime Zoo and Jungle Bells), four zoo discovery days promotions (Koalapalooza, Play Days, Garden Festival and Reptilemania), two large society fundraisers (Ritz and San Diego Food and Wine Festival), all marketing and PR related logistics and over two hundred nighttime catered events.