Inspiring Creativity: All the World Is a Stage

Certificate Course
CEUs: 0.4
Clock Hours: 4Hr
759 learners enrolled

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Creativity is self-expression that arises out of interaction and exploration of self, others, culture, and environment. In children, creativity develops through playful experiences, rather than concern for the finished product. Creativity is nurtured through the creative arts. The creative arts are activities that engage the whole child. They include art, dance, drama, puppetry, music, science, engineering, and math. Through interactive learning activities, group discussion forums, videos, and reflective writing exercises, participants will learn to create a classroom where creative arts play can thrive. This is a 4-hour course worth 0.4 CEUs. This course can be utilized to meet the training requirements to earn or renew your Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. Course content is aligned with the CDA Subject Area 2: Physical and Intellectual Competence.