Understanding Child Abuse and Prevention

Certificate Course
CEUs: 0.3
Clock Hours: 3Hr
761 learners enrolled

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Early childhood teachers have a unique opportunity to impact the life of a child suffering from abuse and neglect. Participants will learn how to: identify the signs of abuse and neglect, describe how abuse and neglect impacts development, implement strategies to build resilience in children suffering from abuse and neglect, and identify the mandated responsibilities of reporting cases of abuse or neglect. Content also includes information about Shaken Baby Syndrome. This is a 3-hour course worth 0.3 CEU's. This course meets the new Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) training requirements for providers and teachers. This course can be utilized to meet the training requirements to earn or renew your Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. Course content is aligned with the CDA Subject Area 1: Planning a safe and healthy learning environment.