Our learning products are designed to address three important learning theories/models: Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory; Constructivist Learning Theory; and Bloom’s Taxonomy Model. These three learning theories/models taken together help us create learning products that:

  • Build on your current knowledge. We believe each learner comes to our learning products with an existing knowledge base from their own life and learning experiences. Our learning products give you an edge by building on base concepts and prior knowledge to help you expand your horizons and explore new areas of learning.
  • Provide instructional techniques that address multiple learning styles. We utilize exercises, hands-on practice, case studies, simulations, games, and discussion opportunities to diversify the learning experience and incorporate multiple learning preferences.
  • Encourage interaction and information sharing. Our CollaborNation site gives you the opportunity to share your own ideas, information, experiences and solutions with your peers.
  • Help you put your new learning into action immediately. Our courses provide exercises and examples that encourage you to put what you learn into use immediately in your daily work life and in your organization.
  • Whenever possible create a “guide on the side” versus a “sage on the stage” learning environment to guide you to utilize the content to build on your prior knowledge and experiences.