The Out-of-School-Time field has diverse challenges that are served through State Networks, State Affiliates and a variety of National, Regional, State and Local Associations. There is no nationally accepted universal certification process, nor is there necessarily a ground-swell of support to encourage one. Certifications are handled by the State, Regional and Local Networks and Associations. Recently the National Afterschool Association, National Institute of Out of School Time and other National Association bodies adopted a series of Core Competencies to address the professional development and Certification needs of the field.


A CollaborNation® Collaborative Learning Environment® provides a learning portal for frontline and supervisory staff to access training from Roberta Newman and Newroads Consulting that meets the criteria of the Core Competencies and is delivered through State Networks and other regional and local associations. The Collaborative Learning Environment® includes active discussions, resource sharing and connects peers who may not otherwise get to know each other. It also includes spaces for learners to access a broad range of training options from professional development providers across the United States.