Browse and Toxic Plants

Certificate Course
CEUs: 0.4
Clock Hours: 4Hr
432 learners enrolled

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This AZH Zoo Horticulturist Certification course is focused on two broad but interwoven topics: browse and toxic plants. The subject of this course really distinguishes zoo horticulture from other forms of public horticulture. Every day, zoo horticulturists work in ever-changing naturalistic environments to enrich and safeguard the lives of captive wildlife. The information presented in this course will enable the zoo professional to implement a browse program that is appropriate to the needs of their own organization. Participants will explore all aspects of browse programs from planning stages to harvesting techniques to naturalistic presentation of browse for animals. As zoo horticulturists, it is also paramount that we keep the animals in our care safe from accidental poisonings. This course provides the baseline of knowledge and access to resources that will help professionals address issues of plant toxicity as they relate to both animals and visitors. Participants will learn techniques to identify common toxic plants, how to screen proposed plant lists for problematic species, and monitor exhibits and grounds for the spontaneous appearance of poisonous plants.