Recertification: Differentiated Literacy Instruction

Certificate Course
CEUs: 0
Clock Hours: 1Hr
85 learners enrolled

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Youth Development Programs Certified Teachers who have passed the face to face Differentiated Literacy Instruction (DLI) training within the prior 24 months are eligible to participate in the online recertifcation course. Each Participant must complete a review and pass a practical test to show proficiency in the course. Those who do not pass the course must attend a face-to-face DLI training.

Each Differentiated Literacy Instruction certificate is valid for 24 months. If you meet the eligibility above and do not see the current 2019-2020 Recertification: Differentiated Literacy Instruction (DLI) Course under the “MY COURSES” tab, please contact us at ProjectRISE to verify eligibility and request registration in this course.