Daxko Refresher Course - Introduction to Daxko Operations

Certificate Course
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Clock Hours: 1Hr
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Daxko Operations is used by the YMCA to facilitate membership joins, usage, and billing, but also program and childcare registration and billing. Daxko Operations is the primary software used in revenue collection for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads.

To be fully operational in Daxko, you'll need to complete six courses. This software has so many remarkable abilities that it's hard to learn all of it in one course. You'll learn chunks of information in each course, and at the end training, you'll be able to practice, hands-on, what you have learned.

Quizzing is included throughout this course and is required to complete each lesson. You may take notes and revisit topics within the course to assist you.

Click any of the images in each lesson to enlarge your view.

This course will take approximately 35 to 45 minutes, plus some assigned coursework at the end of some lessons.