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Patient assessment is more than just checking boxes on a prehospital care report. It is, in fact, about identifying life threats and recognizing opportunities to intervene with care that is most necessary. Unfortunately, some approaches to assessment choose a path that is least likely to arrive at these necessary conclusions. This class will describe the association between assessment structure and the lofty goals of patient assessment. It will describe not just the “how,” but focus on the “why.” Discussion will be designed to help practitioners better organize their approach to assessment and provide tools to help focus elements such as their history taking and physical examination. All levels are welcome.

Dan Batsie is the Deputy Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Public Safety. He has been a paramedic in New York, Maine, and now Vermont for more than 30years. Over his career Dan has worked hard to elevate the profession of prehospital medicine and demonstrated a particular passion for high quality EMS education. Dan has directed two accredited paramedic programs, authored two EMS textbooks, and lectured both nationally and internationally on current EMS topics. In addition to his work at the state level, Dan is active innumerous national EMS projects and committees.