HO033WT Protecting Credit and Avoiding Scams During the COVID-19 Financial Crisis

Certificate Course
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Clock Hours: 1Hr 30Min
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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many individuals to lose money from reduced hours at work, job loss or businesses being temporarily shut down. The ripple effect of an income loss means that many of them may not be able to pay all of their bills, especially debt which can negatively impact their credit. These same individuals are at risk for falling for scams that are playing on the fears many have surrounding COVID-19 or the assistance needed to recover from it. The repercussions of these scams could negatively impact the credit report and score. In this webinar, housing counselors will learn how to best counsel their clients on the necessary steps a client should take to protect his or her credit during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The content will include how to help clients prioritize specific types of debt, establish a repayment plan that protects the client’s credit and how clients can effectively communicate with creditors. In addition, participants will learn how to pinpoint specific COVID-19 scams that are targeting clients and help them take measures to protect themselves and his or her credit.