Framing: Interviewing a Flight Medic

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The advent of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) has opened the door for care that is often superior to what can be done on the ground. Most providers will look to the speed of transport as the benefit that a helicopter can offer. This lesson is designed to allow the Ground Emergency Medical Service (GEMS) Provider a chance to think differently about HEMS. This interview sheds some light on how just one Flight Medic approaches her job. This enlightening talk will offer a GEMS provider the opportunity to value not just what HEMS can do for the patient but gain some insight as to how the people on the aircraft can make a difference to the persons in need of assistance. Final Exam: This multiple choice exam is designed to test your knowledge of the material you just reviewed. You have TWO attempts to gain a 70% or higher on this exam. Please take your time and answer each question carefully.