AAZK Emergency Preparedness Basics - Do You Know What to Do?

Certificate Course
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Clock Hours: 1Hr
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This online course is an instructional or lecture style workshop that is intended to cover basic components of an emergency response plan, the resources available to help set up or fine tune your own emergency response plan, emergency equipment recommendations, as well as include some interactive discussion around different emergency scenarios. The primary focus will be on animal escape emergencies and response to them but will also touch on non-animal escape emergencies both major and minor.

The attendees of this workshop are expected to take away from this workshop information, definitions, and resources to help set up, fine tune, or just get a better understanding of their own institutions emergency response. On top of that it is hoped they will also get a understanding of what a multi-layered animal escape response looks like as well as what some of the basic staffing, equipment, and training is needed to accomplish this.