Setting & Maintaining Brand Standards: Guest Feedback & Survey Tools

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Before an organization can hold itself accountable it needs to develop standards based on its brand. These Brand Standards then become the tool against what actual performance is measured. Brand Standards contain policies that run organizational wide down to specific department procedures. Once the standards have been researched for organizational policies that are "as is"; they can then be documented, reviewed, adjusted, etc., and then put into a document which reflects the current operation and expectations of the organization.

To maintain the standards, there are numerous processes that can be implemented to ensure compliance. Feedback from guests is the most important method of gathering information from large numbers of people who visit. Kiosk survey systems can be placed near the exit, or throughout the experience. Other online survey systems can also be implemented. For specific areas of concern, such as high value premium experiences, a more detailed survey can also be developed. Responses can be either online or based on an e-mail response system.

Other methods also need to be in place to gather feedback in an organized fashion. Examples are a web based feedback system from the organizations web site or a more personal approach where a guest will visit with a Guest Relations Ambassador to voice their concerns. A system also needs to be in place to capture information on a consistent basis from guests who phone in commentary on their visit or experiences.

A further approach to maintaining the Brand Standards is to put into place a Mystery Shop program which is an organized process of testing the standards by someone who is specifically looking at the standards during a non-scheduled surprise visit. Finally, to keep the standards up, it's critical to conduct regular customer service training through a variety of methods that will be discussed.