Conducting World Class Employee Investigations

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Employment litigation and claims in recent years have cost employers billions of dollars. Employers must find ways to reduce their vulnerability to such claims. Often times, employer liability hinges on the quality of the company's investigation into complaints of discrimination, harassment, or other claims of workplace misconduct. In fact, an important consideration in an employee's decision to ultimately file a lawsuit or claim is whether the employer conducted an effective workplace investigation. Join San Diego Zoo Global's Associate Director of Human Resources for a dynamic and informative workshop on how to conduct effective workplace investigations that will protect your organization and reduce potential litigation costs. This comprehensive webinar will include a discussion about:

- A step-by-step approach on how to plan and conduct workplace investigations
- A practical demonstration of effective interview techniques
- How to anticipate and respond to legal and practical issues that frequently arise during the course of investigations
- Preparing bullet-proof documentation to support the investigation findings and recommended actions