Beginning Teacher Safer, Smarter Schools Abuse Prevention Course

Certificate Course
CEUs: 1.5
Clock Hours: 15Hr
700 learners enrolled

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In the 15-hour Beginning Teacher course, you will learn what you need to know about keeping your students safe from sexual abuse. Whether you teach kindergarten or high school, all teachers need to be aware of the serious issue of sexual abuse, which is more prevalent than you may think. This course covers the following information:

MODULE 1: Understanding Childhood Abuse

  • Creating a Classroom Climate – Fostering relationships with students that will enable them to seek help
  • Intervention – How teachers' intervention will make a difference in a child's life
  • Mandatory Reporter – Understanding statutory requirements

MODULE 2: Understanding Grooming – Predators

  • The Grooming Process and Methods
  • Role in Recognizing the Warning Signs of Grooming
  • Protecting Students from Potential Predators on the School Campus
  • Recognizing Red Flags of Grooming in Students

MODULE 3: Reporting – Requesting an Investigation – Suspicion of Abuse

  • The Teacher's Role in Recognizing the Red Flags of Abuse
  • The Importance of Environmental Indicators and Risk Factors for Abuse
  • Understanding and Reporting a Reasonable Cause to Suspect Abuse

MODULE 4: Reporting – Requesting an Investigation – Disclosure of Abuse

  • Types of Disclosure
  • Forms of Disclosure
  • Reporting Process

MODULE 5: Follow Up and Support for Students and Teachers

  • Supporting Current Students Following a Report
  • Supporting Incoming Students Following a Report
  • What to Expect Following a Report
  • Support for Teachers
  • Interacting with Parents