Principal and Administrator Safer, Smarter Schools Abuse Prevention Course

Certificate Course
CEUs: 1.5
Clock Hours: 15Hr
233 learners enrolled

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The 15-hour Principal and Administrator course was created so you can provide your students with a school where adults recognize the signs of abuse and know how to respond. A school where your students can excel academically because they know they are physically and emotionally safe. This course covers the following information:

MODULE 1: Why do we need Safer, Smarter Schools?

  • Prevalence of Abuse
  • Leadership Role of Principals and Administrators
  • Position of School in Recognizing Abuse - Exposure to students, knowledge of families, number of adults interacting with students
  • Role of School in Reporting – Likelihood of disclosure
  • Ability of School to Provide Support and Follow Up

MODULE 2: How Can We Recognize Abuse?

  • Social and Environmental Risk Factors
  • Physical Indicators
  • Behavioral Indicators
  • Student Disclosure
  • Third Party/Anonymous Reports

MODULE 3: How Can We Recognize Predators?

  • Common Characteristics of Predators
  • Methods Used by Predators to Gain Access
  • The Grooming Process
  • Procedures for Allowing Volunteers in Classrooms
  • Guidelines for Adults on Campus – Staff, teachers, vendors, university students/faculty
  • Recognizing Changes in Student Behavior
  • Recognizing Inappropriate Behaviors in Staff Members
  • Procedures for Intervention

MODULE 4: Mandatory Reporting Laws

  • School Support Personnel Roles
  • Student Disclosure Statement Procedures
  • Florida Abuse Hotline Protocol
  • Roles of Support Agencies
  • Post-Investigation Issues
  • Support for Students, Families

MODULE 5: How Can You Build a Safer, Smarter School?

  • Prevention Curriculum Programming
  • Creating a Success-Oriented School Climate
  • Developing a Positive Behavior Management Program
  • Building Classroom Community
  • Faculty/Staff Selection and Training
  • Developing Effective Parent Partnerships
  • Building Partnerships with Support Agencies and Community Groups