Generational Differences - Managing The Complexity

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Could dealing with people get any more difficult? Today’s business environment brings many challenges with four different generations working together for the first time. Communication, respect, recognition, retention, interaction with others, and work life balance mean something different to each generation. If not understood and managed effectively workplace conflict, poor communication, low morale, and high turnover can occur. Understand and discover the key values and contributions among these four generations. Each generation provides intrinsic value to an organization. You will learn how to capitalize on the strengths of the Traditionalists, the Baby Boomer’s, Generation X, or the Millennial Generation (Gen Y). By implementing effective strategies for communication, recognition, development, retention, and leadership you will uncover the hidden talents of each generation while minimizing the risk of knowledge transfer. You will learn the key generational differences and similarities in each of these areas. Join us as we share with you some of the many generational challenges in today’s work environment.