Supporting the Social and Emotional Development of Children in Mixed-Age Groupings

Certificate Course
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In this module, we will explore how social, emotional, and cognitive components contribute to a sense of well being for children of various ages. We will also address how these components can be supported in groups of mixed-age children to provide connections that are beneficial to all of the children in your care, despite their age.


  • Identify specific components, benefits, and challenges of mixed-age group care and learning
  • Identify and understand social, emotional, and cognitive development of several age groups (infant through school age), and how this development impacts children’s ability to form positive relationships and become self-regulated
  • Understand and implement best practices to promote positive social, emotional, and cognitive growth in mixed-age group care settings
  • Understand specific strategies related to mixed-age care to promote differentiated instruction, as well as cooperative learning
  • Know how to incorporate culturally responsive and sensitive teaching practices and resources to promote classroom and neighborhood community
  • Understand how to provide supportive learning and care for children with special needs and age-related cultural and social differences