Advanced Interpersonal Communication: Customers and Vendors (Instructor Guide)

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Your customers include anyone who uses your company or organization to obtain goods and services. Customers might be internal or external. An internal customer is a member of your organization and can be a supervisor, colleague, or subordinate. An external customer is someone from outside your organization. Each customer is of equal importance, regardless of the amount of business that customer provides to your organization. You should provide the same level of quality goods and services all your customers, and all are equally deserving of efficient and effective communication.

In this course you will learn: to respond to customers’ complaints, and to reject a vendor’s contract without rejecting the vendor, and address a complaint to a vendor.

This Instructor's Edition of this course includes notes and suggestions to assist you in presenting the material, whether in an in-person classroom setting or as an instructor-led online or distance-learning course. It also provides you with the answers to questions found in mid-lesson activities, as well as in the quiz that concludes the course.