Conducting Meetings: Communicating Nonverbally (Instructor Guide)

Certificate Course
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Clock Hours: 30Min
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Individuals are always sending messages, unconsciously or consciously, through nonverbal communication. When verbal and nonverbal communication contradicts one another, nonverbal cues are usually believed. Therefore, it is important that you understand what different types of nonverbal communication can mean, and how these messages can influence the productivity of your meetings.

Learning Objectives: Identify the different ways nonverbal messages can be sent. Interpret nonverbal communication and identify the steps to improve nonverbal communication.

This Instructor's Edition of this course includes notes and suggestions to assist you in presenting the material, whether in an in-person classroom setting, or as an instructor-led online or distance-learning course. It also provides you with the answers to questions found in mid-lesson activities, as well as in the quiz that concludes the course.