Creativity and Innovation: Fostering A Creative Environment

Certificate Course
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Clock Hours: 1Hr
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Creativity is the ability to look at a situation from every possible angle and determine potential ideas, solutions, or outcomes. Employees with this ability add value to an organization by increasing its efficiency and productivity. This is why board members, stockholders, managers, and other employees want to recruit and retain creative individuals. Everyone in an organization benefits from the recruitment of creative people.

When a candidate begins to search for a job or becomes aware of available positions, the candidate will form an opinion about your company based on promotional material, media articles, stories, and word-of-mouth. Creative people look for flexibility. Although managers might hire creative people, some managers still tend to stifle employees’ creativity with excessive rules and directions. Creative candidates must believe that they will have the flexibility to be innovative, or they will look elsewhere for employment.

In this course you will learn to: recruit and retain creative individuals, and maintain a creative environment.