Managerial Leadership: Making Vision a Reality

Certificate Course
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An organization’s vision must be communicated in a manner that inspires people to participate in fulfilling it. Before members of an organization work to their full potential, they must first understand what it is they are working for—to make the organization’s vision a reality.

It is through communication that a leader gains support for the organization’s vision. People will not commit to something blindly, nor should they be expected to commit without information. Therefore, when, how, and to whom an organization’s vision is communicated is of great importance to the successful fulfillment of the vision.

Your organization’s vision must be communicated to the people who’ll have a hand in fulfilling it, as well as to the people who’ll be affected by it, such as clients or investors. Your organization’s vision should also be communicated to potential employees, or other people in the community who come into contact with your organization.

In this course you will learn to: communicate the vision, gain support for the vision, and empower employees, and implement the organization’s vision.