Strategic Decision Making: Decision Results (Instructor Guide)

Certificate Course
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After implementing a decision, you should review the process you followed to reach it, regardless of the outcome. There are guidelines that you can use to review and learn from your decisions. You also need to be aware of the various pitfalls to avoid when learning from your decisions.

You can improve your decision making skills by examining a variety of other sources, such as the experience of people in your company and the decisions of other companies. You should not overlook these opportunities, because they will improve your decision-making skills, and help you to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

In this course you will learn to: identify the guidelines to follow and pitfalls to avoid when reviewing your decisions, and identify actions you can take to learn from the experience of others.

This Instructor's Edition of this course includes notes and suggestions to assist you in presenting the material, whether in an in-person classroom setting or as an instructor-led online or distance-learning course. It also provides you with the answers to questions found in mid-lesson activities, as well as in the quiz that concludes the course.