Medicare Parts C and D Compliance Training

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Anyone who provides health or administrative services to Medicare enrollees must satisfy general compliance and FWA training requirements. You may use this course to satisfy the general compliance training requirements.
This course consists of one lesson and a Post-Assessment. Successfully completing the course requires completing the lesson and scoring 70 percent or higher on the Post-Assessment. After successfully completing the Post-Assessment, you’ll get instructions to print your certificate. If you do not successfully complete the course, you can review the course material and retake the Post-Assessment.
This course uses cues at various times to provide additional information and functionality. For more information on using these cues, adjusting your screen resolution, and suggested browser settings, select “HELP”.
You do not have to complete this course in one session; however, you must complete the lesson before exiting the course. You can complete the entire course in about 25 minutes. After you successfully complete this course, you receive instructions on how to print your certificate.