Course 12: Growing as a Professional in School-Age Programs

Certificate Course
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Caring for school-age children in a school-age program is a relatively new field of work. The field itself is constantly changing and expanding. In view of this "newness" and change, those who work in the field are playing an important role in shaping and defining what it means to be a school-age professional. They are guiding school-age care as an emerging profession.

In the search for a definition of professionalism in school-age programs, it is helpful to examine the common characteristics of professionalism in other fields. The next step is identifying qualities and characteristics associated with professional behavior in the school-age field, itself. As a school-age professional, it is also important to understand the importance of acting as a public policy advocate on behalf of school-age children and their families.

An important part of professionalism is continued personal growth and development in relation to the field. This requires using appropriate resources and strategies to further individual professional development. It also requires considering what constitutes ethical conduct in the field and developing an ongoing commitment to ethical behavior.