MLREMS Preceptor Training

Certificate Course
CEUs: 0
Clock Hours: 1Hr 30Min
150 learners enrolled

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The following course will take you through a series of lessons and examples to prepare you to become an EMS field preceptor in the MLREMS region. This online course is to be completed at the provider's leisure and is a pre-requisite to the live training which follows. Upon completion of this course, you as a provider should feel comfortable with the following: Explaining the roles and expectations of a MLREMS preceptor, Understanding Adult Learners and their learning style, Explaining V-A-K learning styles, Understanding the three primary Learning Domains, Utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Demonstrating effective coaching skills, Discussing patient safety and avoiding mistakes, The MLREMS regional expectations for preceptors, The MLREMS process for becoming a preceptor, Selection criteria, Application process

Although this course was developed initially for the MLREMS region, the ideas and concepts can be applied to any type of preceptor or mentoring role.