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Animal Welfare Course General 1.00
Animal Welfare Spanish 1.00
Expedition Ocean: Module 1 Teacher Version 1.00
Expedition Ocean: Module 1 Student Version 1.00
Fish Welfare - Pain and Stress in Fish 1.00 1/12/23 jg unchecked forward seek and shut off CEUs - Fish welfare is an increasingly important subject and the aim of this webinar is to ensure that you gain an understanding of what it is and why it is so important to be concerned about the welfare of the fish under your care. Do fish feel pain? This has been a contentious issue for the past decade. The webinar will also look at stress in fish. What is stress from a physiological viewpoint? What are the factors that cause stress? What effect does it have on fish? What can we do to decrease the stress in our aquatic environments?
Studbooks 101 1.00 1/12/23 jg unchecked forward seek and shut off CEUs - This webinar will provide an introduction to studbooks, SSPs and TAGs and how these programs are linked within AZA. The webinar will provide an overview of what is required in being a studbook keeper including institutional support and time commitment. It will provide guidelines on how to be a successful studbook keeper.
An Introduction to Working with Volunteers 1.00 1/12/23 jg unchecked forward seek and shut off CEUs - Volunteers are an integral part of our organizations and their engagement is critical to our success. So what does it take to successfully work with volunteers? This webinar, hosted by Tammy Rach, Senior Volunteer Manager for San Diego Zoo Global, will take you through: who volunteers are, what they want, and how to best engage them in the ultimate mission fulfillment. Participants will also receive a copy of this presentation to share with staff so they can start building their own Volunteer Tool Kit.
California Condor Conservation 1.00 In 1987, California condors were an extinct species in the wild when the last birds were trapped and placed in the protective custody of the Los Angeles and San Diego zoos. Using experience with Andean condors to breed them in captivity, the small population of just 27 birds was successfully grown, considering genetics and behavior, to the point where they could be released back in the wild. Now, with nearly 200 individuals in captivity and as many flying free in the wild, the species is well on its way to full recovery. This webinar will focus on the methods and strategies used and the trials and tribulations encountered by organizations and individuals that saved this species.
Customer Service Fundamentals 1.00 In this course, you will learn about the importance of customer service and the pitfalls to avoid when providing customer service. This includes how to identify types of customers and their needs. Then, you’ll learn about building rapport with your customers through good customer service habits. Part of building rapport includes effective communication with customers, including how to correct a customer, the importance of body language and tone, and about telephone etiquette. You’ll learn how to respond to your customers and how to use questions. Then, you will be instructed about how to accentuate the positive and provide proactive service. Finally, you will learn how to surpass expectations by going the extra mile for the customer.
How to Find an Extra 30 Minutes a Day for Training and Enrichment! 1.00 "I wish I had more time to do what I like doing!" This common expression relates to many concepts all vying for the same time and attention simultaneously. Rarely is there time or resources available to dedicate to enrichment and training. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Animal Keeper’s daily role. This course will provide an opportunity for the keeper/trainer to evaluate the daily processes to identify and eliminate Non Value Added process steps and allow more time for enrichment and training. Useful concepts, such as Root Cause and Current State/Future State will be used to identify the waste. There will be tools provided, which can be applied in any situation, to simplify work duties and increase daily efficiency.