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IAAPA is one of the best comprehensive resources for education and training, whether it is in the classroom, online, at the IAAPA expos, or at our facilities.

Denise Beckson, Chair IAAPA Education Committee

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Two great ways to access on-line learning at IAAPA

1. Individual Users

Individual IAAPA members can purchase single courses or the entire catalog, track their course completion and success and produce certificates of completion for each course taken. In addition, many courses in the online learning center are worth credit hours that can be used to earn the designation IAAPA Certified Attraction Manager (ICAM) and IAAPA Certified Attractions Leader (ICAL) or Certified Attractions Executive (ICAE).

The IAAPA Online Learning Center includes:

  • Access to the full online learning center course catalog (50 courses).
  • The ability to track all employee course progress and completion rates.
  • Facility-wide training at a low per-person cost.
  • The ability to add your facility's custom courses to your catalog.
  • The ability to print certificates of completion for each course.
  • Technical support and exceptional customer service.
  • Download a complete course catalog here.

2. Facility Users License

With an annual facility license, IAAPA member facilities can get unlimited access to the full IAAPA catalog of courses enabling them to integrate online training into their facility's operations and professional development program.

The facility users' license provides:

  • Access to the full online learning center course catalog.
  • The ability to track all employee course progress and completion rates.
  • Facility-wide training at a low per-person cost.
  • The ability to add your facility's custom courses to your catalog.
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Learn Anywhere

Give your employees and volunteers a chance to learn and train in a new way - one that can be done at any time and anywhere.

A certificate
Earn Certificates

Earn certificates and credit hours that can be applied towards IAAPA Certification.

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Cloud Hosted

The IAAPA Online Learning Center is cloud hosted and maintained for you. Technical support and customer services is provided by our education partner CypherWorx.

What Courses are Available?

  • General Safety Awareness: including OSHA approved courses on MSDS, slips trips and falls prevention, bloodborne pathogens, and emergency first aid.
  • Emergency Preparedness: including courses on crisis planning, crisis management, and hazard communication.
  • Human Resource Management: including courses on labor law, sexual harassment, leadership and innovation, employee engagement, guest relations and disability as well as courses from the San Diego Zoo Global Academy.
  • IAAPA First Steps Series: including First Steps Guest Relations, First Steps Safety, First Steps Supervisor, First Steps Games Operations, and First Steps Ride Operations
  • Computers and Software: including courses on Windows, Microsoft Office, and Social Media.
  • Animal Care Training: including courses on Zoonotic Disease and Biosecurity (FDA apporved), and Introduction to Nutrition.
Download the complete course catalog

Earn Credit Hours and Certification

Obtain IAAPA certification through IAAPA's On-line-learning Center. Most courses in the online learning centers are worth credit hours that can be used to earn the designation IAAPA Certified Attraction Manager (ICAM) and IAAPA Certified Attractions Leader (ICAL) or Certified attractions Executive (ICAE).

How do I access the IAAPA's Online Learning Center?

The IAAPA Online Learning Center is only available to IAAPA members and is located in the members-only section of the IAAPA web-site.

To access the members-only section of the website you will need your IAAPA member login and password. If you do not know your IAAPA member login and password or, if you would like assistance creating it, contact IAAPA at membership@IAAPA.org.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

After you logged into the IAAPA members-only section, click on the IAAPA Online Learning Center link and that will take you to the online learning center site, where you can register, purchase individual courses and begin learning.

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With scores of courses available for the choosing, IAAPA's Online Learning Center has a wealth of information created specifically for amusement professionals.

IAAPA's Online Learning Center has an initial catalog of 50 courses in five searchable categories:

  • Attractions Industry Training
  • Animal Care Training (IAAPA)
  • Compliance and Safety
  • Human Resources and Management
  • San Diego Zoo Global Academy - Human Resource Series
  • San Diego Zoo Global Academy - Management Series
  • Spanish Speaking Courses (IAAPA)

Click on the links below to view a sample of some of our courses.

Guest Relations logo

Guest Relations

Ride Operations logo

Ride Operations

Be Safe logo

Be Safe

Understanding Sexual Harassment in the Attractions Industry logo

Understanding Sexual Harassment in the Attractions Industry

CEUs versus IAAPA Credit Hours

Courses in this catalog may be eligible for both CEUs (Continuing Education Units) as well as credit hours towards IAAPA Certification.

What is a CEU?

A Continuing Education Unit is a unit to track one's learning experiences in an organized CE/T environment delivered under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. CypherWorx follows the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) standard for lifelong learning.

How do I earn CEUs?

To earn CEUs you can complete courses eligible for CEU accreditation. You will know whether a course has CEU availability, as well as how many you will earn on completion of the course, by viewing the course in the catalog and seeing "CEUs: 0.1".

Why do I only receive 0.1 CEUs for an hours’ worth of work?

One (1) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) equals ten (10) contact hours of learner interaction with the content of the learning activity, which includes classroom, self-paced instruction, pre/post assignments, and/or homework in support of a learning outcome.

For example, 17 contact hours equates to 1.7 CEUs, and 3 contact hours equates to .3 CEUs.

For more information, please visit the official IACET website.

What is an IAAPA Credit Hour?

IAAPA members can earn credit hours towards IAAPA Certification by participating in IAAPA education programs and events and other attractions industry training and education programs. Online course that are eligible for IAAPA credit hours are indicated in the course catalog. More information on IAAPA Certification is available here.

IAAPA Features

IAAPA's Online Learning Center has many features to make your learning environment easy to use and fun to learn.

Click on each feature to view a brief video above.


Many of our courses come with a certificate of completion that can be used to demonstrate your training in a given subject.

Certificate icon
SCORM Compliant

SCORM is the de facto industry standard for tracking eLearning. Our site is integrated with the SCORM Engine, which means our system is fully compliant with SCORM and AICC courses.

SCORM icon

Create and organize events on an interactive calendar. Post about company meetings and special speakers - anything you deem important.

Events icon

Every course you take is tracked for performance using our SCORM-compliant LMS. This means you can review your performance and, if you are a nation admin, your members’ performance as well.

Reporting icon
Do It Yourself

Want to add a course to your custom site quickly and cheaply? Our DIY tool makes it simple to upload a PowerPoint, convert it into a course, and add it straight into your site. You will then be able to track the performance of every learner who takes it.

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Benefits and Pricing
IAAPA's Online Learning Center is a cost and learning effective professional development option for you and your organization.


Joining is simple and affordable.

  • Individuals can purchase single courses or purchase access to the entire catalog.
  • Course prices vary by title but are generally US$15.00-US$25.00 – see catalog for details.
  • The complete catalog is available for the low annual price of $99.00.


Annual facility license fees vary by facility size.

To learn more about facility licenses, fees, terms and conditions contact CypherWorx:

Contact Us
Facility License Fee Level Starting At IAAPA Membership Category
Pricing Level A $975.00 FECs, Museums and Science Centers, Attractions
Pricing Level B $2,325.00 Water Parks
Pricing Level C $3,500.00 Amusement Parks
Pricing Level D Call for pricing Theme Parks
Features For Individuals For Organizations
Full access to the entire course catalog Checkmark Checkmark
Certificate and/or CEU courses Checkmark Checkmark
Course catalog includes courses in a wide range of topics including safety and compliance, human resources, and management. Checkmark Checkmark
SCORM-compliant courses Checkmark Checkmark
Save, print, share certificates of completion Checkmark Checkmark
Full technical and customer support Checkmark Checkmark
Individual course reporting Checkmark Checkmark
Departmental-level reporting Checkmark
Group reporting Checkmark
Organization-level reporting Checkmark
Custom reporting Checkmark
Assign courses to individual learners or a group of learners Checkmark
Multi-learner discounts Checkmark
Your own branded collaborative environment * Checkmark
Upload your own SCORM or AICC-compliant courses Checkmark
Custom certificates Checkmark
Seamless integration with your internal tracking and reporting software (API) Checkmark
Website integration Checkmark
Access to interactive users' group Checkmark
Implementation support Checkmark
Create your own webinar training program * Checkmark
Affordable for any training budget Checkmark Checkmark
* This product is available for an additional fee.
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For further information about IAAPA's Online Learning Center and to get a hands-on demonstration of the site contact our sales department at (888) 685-4440

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