Out of School Time Professional Development Center

CypherWorx has created a great online training format that enables our new hires to receive our onboarding and new employee orientation programs on demand and in a timely manner.

Buddy Campbell - YMCA Buffalo Niagara

CypherWorx's team is professional, accessible via their toll free number, and extremely helpful. It is with pleasure that I recommend their services to other organizations.

Joan Hazlett - YMCA of Greater Rochester

Both our support of the online courses as the basis of our credential as well as our fiscal commitment to the development of the courses demonstrates our full support of CypherWorx.

Woodie Sue Herlein - Arkansas State University

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Why OSTPD eLearning

Convenient, cost-effective, learning effective professional development on your schedule.

The OSTPD Center has partnered with Child Care Aware and CypherWorx to offer the latest in Out of School Time training for OST professionals.

The full catalog includes hundreds of courses relevant to school-age childcare including a 36 course series with in-depth curriculum content, interactivity, and certificates. Registration is Free.

Your Free registration includes:

  • Enjoy 50+ free courses.
  • Full catalog of hundreds of courses priced as low as $9.99 a course.
  • Access to the entire course catalog for just $99.99
  • Certificate and/or CEU courses.
  • Course catalog includes courses in a wide range of topics including OSHA, leadership, non-profit program management, Microsoft Courses, non-harassment, and much more.

Learn how the OST 36-Course Series crosswalks with the:

A globe
Learn Anywhere

Give your organization a chance to learn and train in a new way - one that can be done at any time and anywhere.

Professionals learning together

Interact with like-minded professionals as you learn together in team-based projects.

A certificate
Earn Certificates

Earn certificates and/or continuing education units supported by Child Care Aware.

A cloud
Cloud Hosted

OSTPD is cloud hosted and maintained for you. This means that we handle everything technical so you don't need to.

Learn Online

At OSTPD, we love building new ways to learn on the web. We'll work with you to make sure your members and employees gain the knowledge they need to do great things.


With hundreds of courses available for the choosing, the OSTPD Center has a wealth of information created specifically for afterschool professionals.

Course 06: Guiding the Behavior of Individual Children logo

Course 06: Guiding the Behavior of Individual Children

Course 08: Human Relations Skill Development logo

Course 08: Human Relations Skill Development

Course 10: School-Age Care as a Family Service – Part Two logo

Course 10: School-Age Care as a Family Service – Part Two

OSTPD Features

The OSTPD Center has many features to make your learning environment easy to use and fun to learn.

Click on each feature to view a brief video above.


Many of our courses come with a certificate of completion that can be used to demonstrate your training in a given subject.

Certificate icon

Groups let you organize content and people with similar topics and interests. Start a group for people in Human Resources or to plan your organization’s next holiday party - anything is possible!

Groups icon

Create and organize events on an interactive calendar. Post about company meetings and special speakers - anything you deem important.

Events icon
SCORM Compliant

SCORM is the de facto industry standard for tracking eLearning. Our site is integrated with the SCORM Engine, which means our system is fully compliant with SCORM and AICC courses.

SCORM icon

Every course you take is tracked for performance using our SCORM-compliant LMS. This means you can review your performance and, if you are a nation admin, your members’ performance as well.

Reporting icon
Do It Yourself

Want to add a course to your custom site quickly and cheaply? Our DIY tool makes it simple to upload a PowerPoint, convert it into a course, and add it straight into your site. You will then be able to track the performance of every learner who takes it.

Do It Yourself logo
Benefits and Pricing
The OSTPD Center is a cost and learning effective professional development option for you and your organization.


Joining is simple and affordable.

  • 50+ free courses.
  • Access to hundreds of courses starting at $9.99
  • Access the entire course catalog for the low annual price of $99.99

Membership is


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Are you representing an organization? You can also create your own custom branded eLearning site and/or get deep discounts for your employees.

Contact us to get a free quote on your organization discount.

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Features For Individuals For Organizations
50+ free courses Checkmark Checkmark
Full catalog of hundreds of courses priced as low as $9.99 a course Checkmark Checkmark
Access to the entire course catalog for just $99.99 (only $8.33 per month per employee) Checkmark Checkmark
Certificate and/or CEU courses Checkmark Checkmark
Course catalog includes courses in a wide range of topics including OSHA, leadership, non-profit program management, Microsoft courses, non-harassment, and much more. Checkmark Checkmark
Groups and discussion boards Checkmark Checkmark
Share resources such as Microsoft documents, PDFs, and images in a digital library Checkmark Checkmark
Event calendar Checkmark Checkmark
Content notifications Checkmark Checkmark
InMail Checkmark Checkmark
SCORM-compliant courses Checkmark Checkmark
Save, print, share certificates of completion Checkmark Checkmark
Full technical and customer support Checkmark Checkmark
Individual course reporting Checkmark Checkmark
Departmental-level reporting Checkmark
Group reporting Checkmark
Organization-level reporting Checkmark
Custom reporting Checkmark
Assign courses to individual learners or a group of learners Checkmark
Do It Yourself course creation tool * Checkmark
Multi-learner discounts Checkmark
Your own branded collaborative environment * Checkmark
Upload your own SCORM or AICC-compliant courses Checkmark
Custom certificates Checkmark
Seamless integration with your internal tracking and reporting software (API) Checkmark
Website integration Checkmark
Access to interactive users' group Checkmark
Implementation support Checkmark
Social network intranet Checkmark
Create your own organizational digital library of resources including Microsoft documents, PDFs, and images. Checkmark
Create your own webinar training program * Checkmark
Affordable for any training budget Checkmark Checkmark
* This product is available for an additional fee.
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