The National Out of School Time Professional Development Center (NOSTPD) is the premier hub for afterschool professionals who want the freedom to pursue training on a schedule that works for them. As a web-based system, the NOSTPD gives members access to the best online courses, including 36 OST Certificate Series Courses from afterschool expert Roberta L. Newman, which will eventually grow to support continuing education units and credentials from the NAA and Child Care Aware. The NOSTPD was developed through a partnership between the National Afterschool Association, Child Care Aware and CypherWorx, Inc.
No upfront costs
The NOSTPD was developed with a thorough understanding of the uniqueness of State Networks and Affiliates in mind. You can now create your own State Network or Affiliate-branded custom web portal with access to any or all of the 36 OST Certificate Series courses plus access to a full catalog of 150+ business and professional development courses (including management, nonprofit administration, grant writing and Microsoft Office). The learning environment provides access to training and a community of members anywhere there’s a computer, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There are no upfront costs for State Networks, Affiliates or afterschool providers to create a site, and it costs as little as $150 per learner per year. You have the option of creating the right price point for your members and share revenue or reduce the cost to the member.
OST Certificate Series
The 36-course Certificate Series content was developed by Roberta L. Newman. Her publications are widely used in afterschool training programs throughout the nation. Her notable contributions include:
  • Comprehensive state-wide Certification and Credentialing Modules for Afterschool staff in South Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas
  • Co-authoring the Department of Defense School-Age Training and Credentialing Program (Caring for Children in School-Age Programs)
  • Breakthrough to Quality (18 articles on designing and implementing quality afterschool services)
  • Created online college course (Positive Guidance) for Charter Oak State College
Demo Course:
Observation Skills - What's Really Going on Here
As staff work with children in school-age programs, observation holds a very vital role. Because high quality school-age care is based on the principle of developmentally appropriate practices, staff must conduct objective observations to learn about each child's development. Developmentally appropriate practices combine the general knowledge of child development with the specific knowledge of each individual child. Staff must utilize the valuable information they attain through observation when they plan and implement appropriate program experiences and effective guidance strategies.
How It's Built
The NOSTPD is built in a CollaborNation® Collaborative Learning Environment®. This platform gives learners a community where they can share their experience and knowledge with each other while building professional relationships. It also includes a catalog of premium courses beyond the 36 OST Certificate Series courses in subjects like Human Resources, Leadership, Volunteer Management and OSHA training.
CollaborNation is cloud-hosted and maintained by CypherWorx, Inc. This means you get anywhere, anytime access at a fraction of the cost and from servers you don’t have to worry about. There is no Information Technology Administration required by our State Network or Affiliate partners. We handle all of the technical features and customer support. Your members simply log in and learn, and you get advanced reporting features.
Member Matching helps you find like-minded people by comparing answers to a simple questionnaire.
Groups let you organize content and people with similar topics and interests. Start a group for people in Human Resources or to plan your organization’s next holiday party - anything is possible!
Create and organize events on an interactive calendar. Post about company meetings and special speakers - anything you deem important.
Our Catalog contains hundreds of interactive training materials and can be fine-tuned to fit your organization’s needs. Need custom training? We can do that too!
Many of our courses come with a certificate of completion that can be used to demonstrate your training in a given subject.
Every course you take is tracked for performance using our SCORM-compliant LMS. This means you can review your performance and, if you are a nation admin, your members’ performance as well.
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Interested in learning more about OSTPD, CollaborNation, or the OST Certificate Series? Please contact:
Paul Cypher
President & CEO, CypherWorx, Inc.
(888) 685-4440
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