Emergency Pediatric Care (PC-21-12040-03)

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The Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC) course focuses on critical pediatric physiology, illnesses, injuries and interventions to help EMS practitioners provide the best treatment for sick and injured children in the field. The course stresses critical thinking skills to help practitioners make the best decisions for their young patients.

Topics covered include:

The pathophysiology of the most common critical pediatric emergency issues, and critical thinking skills to help practitioners make the best decisions for their patients.

Application of the Pediatric Assessment Triangle (PAT), a tool to help EMS practitioners rapidly and accurately assess pediatric patients.

The importance of family-centered care.

Understanding and communicating with children.

Airway management, breathing and oxygenation.

Cardiac emergencies.

Recognizing child abuse and neglect.

Hypoperfusion and shock.

Newborn resuscitation.

EPC is appropriate for EMTs, paramedics, emergency medical responders, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians. EPC is accredited by CAPCE and recognized by NREMT.

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