The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums Online Professional Development Center is the premier hub for zoo and aquarium professionals who want the freedom to pursue training on a schedule that works for them. As a web-based system, our eLearning program gives learners access to the best online courses, including more than 300 self-directed courses and recorded Webinars from the San Diego Zoo Global Academy.

For the low annual price of $150 US you will receive unlimited access for a full year to a catalog of more than 300 courses in a wide range of topics from animal care to human resources, management, leadership, Microsoft Office and more. You can learn from the World’s leading animal care experts from San Diego Zoo and other world-famous zoos and aquariums.


As a zoo or aquarium professional, we know your time is precious. That's why the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums Online Professional Development Center gives you the flexibility to learn on a schedule you control. At home, at your organization, at the local coffee shop - our eLearning program is available anywhere and anytime you have a web-connected computer. Access hundreds of rich, interactive courses. Planning a new project or event? The social capabilities make it easy for you to discuss and organize. Jump to the How It’s Built section to learn about the features you’ll take advantage of.
Why WAZA eLearning

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums Online Professional Development Center (WAZA OPDC) is a powerful online learning platform that harnesses the expertise of San Diego Zoo Global professionals, the San Diego Zoo Global Academy and its partners to offer courses that meet the specific needs of individuals in the zoological profession. Using compelling, relevant content, the WAZA OPDC immerses learners in the subject matter, presents challenging and thought-provoking material, and guides learners in a creative and engaging manner as they build professional skills.

The WAZA OPDC makes learning available anytime, from anywhere, in an effort to reduce time, travel, and other barriers that can restrict access. Individuals can learn at their own pace, test their skills, gauge their progress, save their learning history, and review course materials as often as they like. Learners will be actively engaged in their own professional development in an environment that incorporates cutting-edge technologies and interactive experiences.

Subject-matter experts from top institutions, including San Diego Zoo Global, Birmingham Zoo, Lowry Park Zoo, National Zoo, Reid Park Zoo, and Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, have joined together to create the wide variety of courses offered within the Academy, from Animal Care, Education, and Volunteer Training to Human Resources, Horticulture, and Operations, plus more. By offering the highest-quality learning products, the WAZA OPDC will help learners gain knowledge and confidence as they expand their professional skills.

What Makes the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums Online Professional Development Center eLearning Unique?
The Four E's
Each eLearning course is written by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field.
A panel of subject-area specialists reviews the content of each course to ensure accuracy and best-of-field practices.
All courses are hand-built to provide the best experience for all types of learning. This means anyone can learn in a way that best suits their needs.
Learners can join certificate programs and gain college credit, which helps demonstrate that they have acquired expertise in specific content areas. Learners can increase their knowledge by participating in a whole range of learning opportunities, thus widening their knowledge of the zoological profession.
Demo Course:
Zoonotic Disease - West Nile virus, swine flu, avian flu

Zoonotic diseases are a real and present danger whose spread can be prevented through the application of basic disease prevention skills.

Want to see more? Test other featured courses at the San Diego Zoo Global Academy and CypherWorx’s Course Showcase page. You can also download the WAZA OPDC catalog to see hundreds of other interactive courses we offer.

How It's Built
The WAZA OPDC is built in a CollaborNation© Collaborative Learning Environment©. This platform gives learners an easy place to access all their training from any web-connected computer. It also includes a catalog of premium courses in subjects like Human Resources, Leadership, Volunteer Management and OSHA training.
CollaborNation is cloud-hosted and maintained by CypherWorx, Inc. This means you get a fully-built LMS at a fraction of the cost and hosted on servers you don’t have to worry about. We handle all of the technical features and customer support. Your learners simply log in and learn, and you get advanced reporting features.
Private Organization Features
Interested in an environment for your own organization? Sign up and take advantage of these great additional features:
Member Matching helps you find like-minded people by comparing answers to a simple questionnaire.
Groups let you organize content and people with similar topics and interests. Start a group for people in Human Resources or to plan your organization’s next holiday party - anything is possible!
Create and organize events on an interactive calendar. Post about company meetings and special speakers - anything you deem important.
Our Catalog contains hundreds of interactive training materials and can be fine-tuned to fit your organization’s needs. Need custom training? We can do that too!
Many of our courses come with a certificate of completion that can be used to demonstrate your training in a given subject.
Every course you take is tracked for performance using our SCORM-compliant LMS. This means you can review your performance and, if you are a nation admin, your members’ performance as well.
Users - need help getting started? Download our First Timer's Guide in PDF format.
Interested in learning more about WAZA OPDC or CollaborNation? Please contact:
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Steve Stookey
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