Trust-Based Relational Intervention- TBRI (8 hour)

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Cohort 7 Trust-Based Relational Intervention- TBRI (8 hour) - Session 4 of 4

Hope Street Trauma Informed Care Services presents a foundational introduction and overview of the Trust-Based Relational Intervention-TBRI model. During this 8-hour training, participants will take-away a common language and lens for Trauma Informed Care, gain insight and awareness into TBRI Principles, and practice foundational skills & strategies.

Learning outcomes:

• Participants will be able to describe relational trauma, its impact on individuals, and early risk factors

• Participants will identify strategies to apply the three principles of connecting,  empowering, and correcting.

• Participants will be able to advocate the importance of trust based relational intervention strategies and practices.

*** PRE-WORK: ***

  • Please complete the Pre-Test prior to the start of session. Pre-Test link:
  • Download and Print the following pages from the Participant Guide (Sent to you via email prior to session)

1. TBRI Checklist, P. 84

2. Episode Rating Form, P. 85

3. Case Study, John, P. 86.a

4. Chain Analysis, P. 87

5. Developmental Goal Sheet, P. 88

6. TBRI Problem Solving Sheet, P. 89

7. TBRI Implementation Planning Form, P. 92-93

  • Review the resources attached. Also review the copyright notice.

Due to the online format, this course will be offered in 4 sessions. You must register separately for each of the 4 sessions. 

Certificates will be issued after the last session. Participants must be present for all 4 sessions to receive a certificate.

Session 1: 11/30/20 10am-12pm

Session 2: 12/7/20 10am-12pm

Session 3: 12/14/20 10am-12pm

Session 4: 12/21/20 10am-12pm


This course will offer up to .8 CEU after completion of all 4 session. A post assessment will be given at the end of each session for up to .2 CEU each if a score of 70% or higher is met as required to demonstrate mastery. Participants must also complete the participant evaluation to receive credits.

This workshop is provided at no cost to participants and is fully funded by The Kids Hope Alliance. Certificates will be available through the course portal once attendance is verified. You may contact for questions. 


If you miss a session, please register for the session you missed with a new cohort. 


This course was created and is copyrighted by the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development (ICD). The instructors from Hope Street, Inc. are licensed facilitators of this material. Do not copy, distribute, or recreate materials without first obtaining permission.


If you are not able to attend, please login to your account at to cancel your enrollment prior to the class session or contact Hope Street, Inc at


Select the registration button to register to attend this course. If a registration link is not present after logging in, then there are no available seats and the course is full.

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