Hope Street's Collaborating for Connection: Back to School Transitions Coaching

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TBRI® In Depth: Back to School Transitions Coaching

Transitions can be hard for any child, and the result can often be behaviors which are challenging to parents and caregivers. As the back-to-school season approaches, we would like to create a space for parents and caregivers to consider strategies to navigate these potentially tricky times. In this webinar, we will consider daily and life transitions, and factors which can make children and teens especially vulnerable to these experiences. We will discuss how we might effectively scaffold transitions to make them more manageable, such as adjusting the bar of expectation, proactively addressing physiological needs, and adding connecting rituals. We will also remind caregivers of the importance of meeting their own needs during a season of transitions and consider their opportunities for proactive and responsive self-care. We will troubleshoot perceived barriers to effectively scaffolding transitions. Finally, we will provide individualized feedback as needed to participants to support ongoing skills acquisition and practice.   

Prerequisite: Must have previously attended a 2, 4, 8, or 18-hour TBRI® Training by Hope Street. This training builds upon previous presentations, and background knowledge is required.


Consider why daily and life transitions might be difficult for children and teens, and factors which might make them more vulnerable;

Discuss strategies for scaffolding transitions;

Remind caregivers of the importance and opportunities for their own self-care;

Troubleshoot perceived barriers to effectively scaffolding transitions;

Provide individualized feedback as needed to support ongoing skills acquisition and practice.

***Please note that upon registering for the course, you will have access to your zoom meeting link needed for your participation in this virtual course. Once registered, you will be able to locate this information within the training event. Please contact info@hopestreetinc.com if you need further assistance.*** 


This workshop is provided at no cost to participants and is fully funded by The Kids Hope Alliance. Certificates will be available through the course portal once attendance is verified. You may contact workingwithkids@coj.net for questions. 


This course was created and is copyrighted by the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development (KPICD). The instructors from Hope Street, Inc. are licensed facilitators of this material. Do not copy, distribute, or recreate materials without first obtaining permission.


If you are not able to attend, please login to your account at kidshopealliance.org to cancel your enrollment prior to the class session or contact Hope Street, Inc at info@hopestreetinc.com.


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