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Basic Computer Skills 1.50 In this course, you will learn how to get started with your first computer, including learning about files, computer setup and maintenance, and installing software.
Basic First Aid 0.34 This course is designed to give participants the skills they need to perform basic first aid for a wide range of injuries and sudden illnesses. Some topics covered include; the chain of survival, initial assessment, and how to properly bandage and dress wounds. By the end of this course participants will have learned proper first aid for bleeding, shock, burns, chocking, fractures, heart attacks, and much more.
Become an Energenius® 2.00 CalSAC has partnered with the Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) to bring the Energenius® Out-of-School Time Program to our online training platform. This FREE environmental stewardship curriculum is designed to engage children and youth to think about how they use energy, how energy is measured, paid for, and ways to save energy. Children and youth will understand how they can help reduce the impacts of energy use and production on the environment, and also practice influencing others to take energy-saving actions. Additionally, the curriculum is uniquely and intentionally designed to engage families in energy and water conservation habits. Become an Energenius® is Activity Guide #4 in the 4-part Energenius® Out-of-School Time Program. The curriculum and activities are designed to engage children and youth to think about how they can save energy, how to recycle, reduce and reuse, and actions they will take to promote energy efficiency in their homes and community. This course will prepare participants to deliver the activities from the Become an Energenius® Activity Guide as well as sharing energy saving resources with families.
Becoming a World Famous Mentor 1.00 A world class employee mentoring program can build solidarity among your staff. It can help support stronger internal promotions from within your company, which is more cost-effective than recruiting outsiders. Mentoring creates better relationships between staff members, improves your bottom line by making your employees more efficient, and truly supports having a highly engaged workforce. Learn how the world famous San Diego Zoo put together a best-of-class Employee Mentoring Program, and how you can emulate this in your own company.
Becoming Tech Savvy 1.50 This course was designed to help you learn various tips and tricks to use your devices as efficiently as possible. This includes tech skills, safety & security information, and keyboard and mouse shortcuts.
Bed Bug Protection Tips 0.17 Bed bugs don't play favorites, anyone can get them. This course helps participants understand the characteristics of bed bugs, what the health risks are, basic inspection tips, and prevention tips for the home, field, and office.
Benefits of Connecting Seniors and Young Children (CDA 3) 2.00 This course focuses on involving senior adults in child care and education programs. Discover the benefits to the children, senior adults, your program and you when seniors are involved. This course is designed to be part of a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™ curriculum. It covers CDA Subject Area 3: Supporting Children's Social and Emotional Development and may also be taken as a stand-alone learning event, or as part of a broader early childhood education curriculum.
Best Practices in Red Panda Management 1.00 In this webinar attendees will learn about best practice husbandry techniques for red panda. The San Diego Zoo has had red pandas since the 1940’s. Nicki Boyd has worked with red panda for 20 years and has put together information on breeding, housing, nutrition, veterinary care, exhibit design, training, and enrichment. The webinar also contains some of the latest information on conservation of red panda in the wild. This webinar will go over the basic best practices from experts in red panda care and shows the San Diego Zoo’s red panda management of this
Beyond Email 1.00 In the past, email was the best way to communicate with people online. But today, there are many different ways to talk online. Online communication allows you to do things like: Make phone calls from your computer and even see the person you are talking with Share with lots of friends at the same time without sending an email to each of them Engage with different websites by making comments or posting your own content We'll take a look at some different methods of online communication, including chat, video calling, text messages, and status updates.
Bioinspiration: A Novel Activity to Engage Students in Creativity and STEM 1.00 Bioinspiration, also known as biomimicry, is an interdisciplinary process in which biological principles and elements are studied in order to draw analogies to be applied to human innovation. We will first define bioinspiration through examples of past successes. Next, we will discuss why conservation organizations like San Diego Zoo Global are interested in this field and how conservation may benefit from the involvement of engineers and industry. Participants will enjoy an adaptation tour of some of San Diego Zoo Global’s diverse plant and animal collections, highlighting examples of how the natural world can inspire engineering. His talk will include an interactive exercise to help stimulate creative thinking based around bioinspiration.